C3 Toronto Internship Application

Please note that if you are accepted into the internship program, you will be required to be at the C3 Office (1655 Dupont Street) Wednesday weekly from 8AM-5PM.  The cost of the program covers registration in two C3 Online College Courses, training and development with the Intern Pastor and your C3 Staff Partner, and some snacks and meals through the course of the program.

There will be an outreach initiative part way through the program for which C3 will cover a portion, and you as an intern will be expected to raise and / or pay for the rest. 

Tell us about your details

Tip: Please enter an e-mail that can be used to contact you regularly

Tip: format (###) ###-####

Tip: (if you don't have instagram, write N/A)


Tip: if yes, please elaborate, eg: Physical condition, ailments, injuries, etc... Also please list any medication you are taking.

Tip: There is NOTHING wrong with being in counselling, we even recommend and endorse counselling on a preventative level and / or in difficult circumstances.

Tell us about your church and work life

Tip: Which location do you normally attend?

Tip: This can help us in placing you with an appropriate staff member partner, please select more than one option.

Tip: Summer - August to December, Winter - February to June

Tip: EG: Computers, childcare, social media, creative, etc...

Tip: If yes, please give us a bit of context

Tip: Be honest, is it hard to read? Is it relatable and relevant?

Tip: How do you relate to it? Is it relevant to the world? What constructive criticism would you give to the local church?

Tip: When / where / what was the experience?