We are so excited that you're taking the step to apply to lead a Winter 2021 Connect Group! At C3 Toronto, Connect Groups play an important role in creating community, growing in our faith and connecting people to God, and now more than ever connecting with one another is essential. Please read the details below before filling out your application.


In this form, you can chose to apply to lead a group that meets digitally via video chat.


There are several different types of connect groups:

Sermon Discussion Group - A Connect Group focused on discussing the Sunday Sermon, Connect Group questions and scriptures used.

Interest-based Sermon Discussion Group - An interest-based Connect Group with time set aside to discuss the Sunday Sermon. (ie. entrepreneurs, running) 

Following Jesus Group - A book study for new believers focused on walking through what it means to follow Jesus.

Freedom Group - A video and book study designed to help believers move from the experience of salvation to the abundant life that Jesus desires for them.

Defining the Relationship - A video and book study designed to help couples build a foundation for a powerful and healthy marriage.

Connect Group Training Options:

Wednesday, February 3rd at 7PM

Thursday, February 4th at 8:15pm

Connect Groups Launch: February 7, 2021

Connect Groups End Date: May 1, 2021


Connect Group Applications are due by Sunday, January 24 at 11:59PM. Once submitted, you'll be contacted by a member of our leadership team to review your application.


Connect Group Leaders play a key role at C3 Toronto. With leadership comes responsibility, so we've listed some of the requirements of a Connect Group Leader below. We also ask that you have attended a full Connect Group semester prior to leading one. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at contact@c3toronto.com.


- Love God and your neighbour
- A healthy relationship with your Bible
- Devoted prayer life

- Connect Coach Meetings
- C3 Sunday Services
- #ALLIN Team Services

- Honour and respect your leaders
- Be generous, giving of your tithe
- Raise up Leaders

- Lead by Example
- You represent Jesus and C3 Church
- Role Model an above reproach lifestyle (in all areas such as dating, social media, etc)

Tip: If any of the leader requirements raise any questions or issues for you, and you select No, we'd love to hear your heart. A member of our team will follow up with your application.

Tip: This is optional. Please fill in if your connect group has multiple leaders.

Tip: Please note that if you're planning on hosting a mixed group, that you will require a Male & Female lead. This will allow you to resource your group in the best way possible - to have men leading men, and women with women (pastorally).

Tip: It could also be named after you! For example; Bob's Connect Group, Bake with Bob, Bibles & Brownies... get creative!

Tip: Please note, if your description is longer than one sentence, it will be edited.

Tip: Is it fellowship, growth, change, all of the above? Let us know your heart behind it!

Tip: Connect Groups kick off the week of February 7th. Please be sure not to schedule your Connect Groups on Sundays during services, or on Thursday evenings, due to corporate prayer.

Tip: Each Connect Group Leader is assigned a Coach. Your Connect Coach will meet with you along side other Connect Group Leaders. Your Coach will be an invaluable resource to you; they will help guide and support you through the process of leading a Connect Group. This will involve attending 2 mandatory monthly meetings.

Tip: Please add any additional comments or concerns here.